Computer is a digital processor, which is used for storing and computing data and information. Computer does not understand human readable language. It surmises only the binary language or machine level language i.e. the format of 0 and 1’s.With the enhancement of technology, this machine that has artificial intelligence has become the basis of human civilization. It is conjugation of hardware, software and peripheral devices. It performs many tasks starting from calculation to maintaining database. It has become the intrinsic ingredient in the present juncture. To survive and compete in this competitiveness scenario an individual should be perspicacious with this field of study.

Hardware in computer is referred to the fundamental particle for structuring computer i.e. anything that can be adjacent to whereas software is referred to as collection of programs which constitute step by step instruction, i.e. anything that cannot be abutted just apprehended.

The empowered segment is CPU (central processing unit) which is composed of (Motherboard, Hard Disk and RAM). It controls the functioning of the system.

Some of the common software’s are:-

  • Microsoft security essentials
  • Web browsers
  • Microsoft office
  • WinRar/zip
  • Antivirus
  • Winamp
  • VLC Media player
  • Acrobat reader
  • IDM
  • Skype

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