Emerging Era in Cloud Computing World

The IT field is strongly promoting cloud computing. There is so much excitement around this latest technology. The technology is gathering steam and will break out in giant proportions very soon. Top IT companies worldwide have a budget for cloud services. This is a trend that will continue to be important even in future. Security is very important in the financial services and banking sector, and they are keen on investing in cloud computing services.

Cloud computing is the future and the future is here. According to Kinsey’s Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Survey, multi-nationals and blue chip companies are eagerly adopting cloud based services. Cloud solutions are highly sought after because of their intelligibility of use, efficient implementation and complexity of their purpose. Organizations are poised to use cloud computing in every aspect of their business such as product development, branding, marketing and sales, supply and distribution, and more.

Giant multinational companies such as Microsoft and Google are offering cloud based services that have substantial capabilities and are very reliable. These large IT companies are deploying cloud to develop APIs (Application Program Interface) such as DataFlow, Pub/Sub, and more. Some impressive APIs are Google Maps APIs that s Google Maps embedded on mobile responsive web pages. Furthermore, with Google’s YouTube APIs developers integrates different YouTube functionality such as Live Streaming, Analytics etc into responsive websites and mobile applications.

Developers in Google harness the power of neural networks to develop Machine Learning (ML), which is highly sophisticated and intuitive. It unburdens the developers from learning highly complicated neural network. With increasing development of API for the cloud, developers are poised to leverage machine learning services provided by Google. Additionally, ML provides developers the shortest route from ideation to implementation that allows in quicker resolution of business requirements and drives business growth.

In the last decade mainframes and supercomputers have shouldered the responsibility of massive computing. The mainframe has several CPUs connected to each other through vast networks. It is also a very expensive way of storing data. Cloud computing has certainly removed the need for space and financial resources to house mainframes. Instead, now companies need to pay a subscription fee for joining the cloud network offered by different providers. With help of cloud based services, data are available worldwide in different geographic locations. This will foster collaboration of teams across nations on data shared over the cloud.

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