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Microsoft security essentials:

It is one of the most protective software for PC’S or laptop, as it protects the system from various malicious programs like worms and viruses. The most vantage is that it is less expensive and one can download it from the online site and directly install.

Web Browser:-

It is system software for navigating, transferring or hyperlinking the contents worldwide. Today we are provided with a slews of browsers like Firefox Mozilla, Google chrome, Safari, Netscape navigator, Internet explorer, Opera etc. An individual have to install the application for running internet.

Microsoft office:-

It is a syncopation of desktop application. It consists of:-

Microsoft Word: It is a word processor application in which one can read, write, insert text and pictures and can perform various operations.

Microsoft Power Point: It is an application for making various presentations i.e. slides using several templates, which is used in an organization.

Microsoft Excel: It is a spreadsheet application in which the data is hived away. The sheet is represented in cells format and various mathematical calculation is directly performed

Microsoft Access: A database management system is used as a back end tool in various frameworks like User can define it as a suitcase in which records are stored, retrieved and maintained for a longer period.

Microsoft Vision: It is a designing tool that is generally used for making data flow diagram, flowchart etc, i.e. representative diagrams. It is supported with an enriched toolbox containing various symbols, users have to simply drag and drop the symbol. It is one of the most suitable GUI (graphical user interface) and is user friendly.


It’s a light angled application or we can denote it as an archive i.e. a collection of records. It compresses the size of the file or the document and makes it flexible to navigate. It is compatible with all windows.

Winamp and VLC media player:–

It is a media player, which supports mp3 songs as well as other audio/video songs and movie as well. User can directly download the software and install it in their system. Mixing of music’s is also performed.


These are the software applications, which are crucial for a system because they protect the system from being corrupted by viruses, worm and other extern resources. It scans the system detects and protects it from various harmful effects.

Acrobat reader:-

It is an application to view, read text document. It is used to read PDF files that is size oriented and easily traversed.


Internet Download Manager is the software, which helps to speed up the downloading process from the internet. One can install the software and directly download the files by clicking on the specified links.


Skype is a video calling software where a user can perform online video, audio or text chat anytime. For this utilization, one has to install the software and have to register himself/herself in the exact domain.