Service Provided

Users are provided with respective overhaul like-

End-to-End services: It is an exclusive service for designing and development of computers according to our client’s specifications.

Online services: A user can manipulate online utilization packages according to his needs.

Freelancing services: It focuses on outsourcing services.

Cloud services:  Provides mending and maintaining services that are needed by the user for personal or organizational use.

ASP:   Application Service Provider (ASP) is a patronage that offers software services to clients, by using computer networks and Internet i.e. by the usage of modem etc.

The main objective is to abridge the cost of software distribution and maintenance. It follows the client server architectural model i.e. a user will send its request and server will respond to the request that has been made. It follows centralized database system.

 Some of the common services, which are provided here, include

  • Proper utilization of drum memory
  • Proper  eminence  of reposition media
  • Maintenance of peripheral devices
  • Software valuation and good word
  • Window service: Window services are a data processor that has desktop-based applications whose main server is somewhere else but a user can exercise the application from its desktop. Microsoft office, notepad, WordPad etc. are some common examples.
  • Wideband inspection and repair services: It focuses on the user localization and the type of medium that has been accessed for transmission.
  • Network service: It refers to the network services that start from transmission of files to interpret and copes with maintaining the access point between servers.
  • Telecom service: Telecommunication services focuses on the aliquot endorser cable, its wired transmission engineering which transmits messages over copper telephone lines.
  • Commercial enterprise/patronage services: It deals with the warehouse productions that interconnect various users and provide connectivity.
  • Laser based electro optic sensors:  The service uses latest technology and provide a wide range of electro optic system solutions. Highly recommended service by our professionals.
  • High voltage power supply services: It refers to the high voltage power supply using the desired input voltage range, output voltage range, peak charging current for a given capacitor.