The Need of Every Computer: 8 Essential Computer Software

Any computer is more than just a device that needs to be filled with a few software programs. In fact, you can achieve almost anything with it – right from household chores to home remedies for any serious health complication – when you get acquainted with how to use it. However, in order to be able to achieve all this and more, you would need to get at least some of these software programs installed.

Office applications

Whether it is Microsoft Office or Open Office, you need to have a few Office suites or applications installed on your computer in order to get started. Every computer is only a tabula rasa when you open it at first.

Anti-virus programs

Would you ever leave your door wide open for strangers to get in while you are on a vacation? You wouldn’t, right? In fact, no sensible person would do something like that. A computer without an anti-virus program is similar to that.

Web browser

The web browser is a kind of window to the world. Without it, your computer is virtually next to nothing! When you can see the whole world right from the comfort of your home, why would you need anything else?

Media and music players

They say that life without music is like a body without a soul. However, installing a few media and music players on your computer should do the trick! In fact, music players come in different sizes and shapes so that you can select from the array of players. Neat, isn’t it?

Archiving programs

Both WinZip as well as WinRAR can help you free up all that space you would need for archiving files in the near or distant future when you are done downloading one interesting software program after another from the internet.

Instant messengers

Back in the day, people would use Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ but now they are passé since they are quite buggy. Skype is the in thing today. No matter software program you choose to communicate with the others around the world, you need at least one of these installed on your machine!


Everyone knows that you do not have to be a bookworm in order to be able to enjoy a few books that are available in the electronic form. Readers will give you the opportunity to do so. That means no more hoarding books in your room! Yay!

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