Common Problems In RO Purifiers

  • Faucet Leakage
  • Noisy Faucet
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Bad Taste or Odour from Water
  • Slower Water Flow
  • Non-Stop Water Flow

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RO Repair Services

About Our RO Services

We provide RO repair and maintenance services at exciting prices and packages. You can also avail the offers and discounts specially planned for our first-time services too.


At Avipin, we provide both repair and maintenance services for your RO systems in order to make sure that it is performing its work well and the water you are drinking is safe for your health.

A choked filter or membrane in the RO system can provide water that is ill-tasting and can harm your throat too. If it goes unnoticed for too long, it can also start to smell bad. Avipin’s maintenance services provide timely reminders for the cleaning of RO filters on time to avoid such issues.

Other than that, noise eruption or leakage in faucets are other issues which can affect the water filtration process. In case your RO system is making noises or the loose fit of the system is causing leakage, contact our team and they will reach your place within the shortest possible time.

The change in water flow can lead to half filtered water, not to mention the increased water wastage too. Call our team for quick services to come and solve the issue. Our team provides services as per your convenience and time preference. The regular maintenance services reduce the uncertain and untimely issues that may occur in the RO systems at your households or offices.


I am very happy with the ac servicing which was done by your professionals. I will definitely take your services again in the future.

-Ria Sharma

Thank you for providing the best services. Their team is very effective and responsive and have delivered the best of service.

-Mayakuntla Babu

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